It is December 4, 2016

The Gentle Arborist is working to enhance our community through the care of trees and shrubs, whose health needs are not optimally met in the urban environment. In business since 1990, we have grown to be one of the premier tree care businesses in Nashville and surrounding communities.

We are tree climbing arborists, and only rarely work out of aerial equipment. This means a better pruning job because the perspective is better when climbing in and tied to the tree. Also it is not possible to orient a lift to make all finish cuts properly. Driving large equipment on your lawn is not part of our regular process.

  • Help expand awareness of the benefits of having trees, and their needs
  • Preserve trees on constructions sites
  • Arborist education and training
  • Provide proper tree care

Trees are living organisms that noticeably respond to their environment. Proper care helps them achieve their needs and balances the foreign aspects of the urban environment. Grass, soil compaction, and full sun are not present to a large degree in the woods. The effects of these three things make tree maintenance practices important for tree well being in the urban setting.

Please check out our important and timely information about your Bradford Pear trees and our Services page.

Glenn Christman, President

Gabriel Baldwin
Driector of Operations

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