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Ornamental tree and shrub care

- These plants like a more delicate hand.

Bradford Pear - We have a specially designed program to aid this tree's ability to withstand breaking. Click HERE for important information!

Internal supports -cabling and bolting. We use a non- invasive, flexible cabling system called Cobra Cable.

A flexible cabling system has several advantages over a steel system.

  1. Trees grow stronger by creating compression and tension wood as they move. A steel cable severely restricts this limb movement.
  2. Steel cables stop limb movement abruptly, which can cause the limb to break off just above the cable, with what is called the "karate effect".
  3. Steel cabling requires wounding the tree, Use of the Cobra system requires no drilling and no insertion of metal anchors.
Cables should be installed a minimum of 2/3 of the way from the fork being supported to the branch tips if possible. Mechanical advantage increases as distance away from the fork increases.

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